Posted 18/05/2017

Battle Report: Gundabad vs Dol Amroth

Jay Clare: Some weeks ago I posed the Gundabad Troll challenge to the other members of the Middle-earth™ team. The challenge was to pit any Hero of their choosing against the mighty beast in single combat for the chance of glory. When I suggested this to Adam Troke, he instantly selected Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth – his favourite Hero in Middle-earth.

Adam was very confident that Imrahil would have no problem taking on the Trolls and swiftly bested the first Gundabad Troll. Yet against the Troll armed with Scythe Gauntlets, Imrahil was just not up to the challenge and was swiftly beaten. This quickly led to Adam claiming that if Imrahil had some allies with him then he would easily be victorious, challenging the Troll to a rematch in the form of a battle. With Adam issuing a challenge, how could I refuse him his chance at glory!

So, the stage was set; Dol Amroth vs Gundabad. We decided that we would play a 600 point game and that both armies must include the models used in the previous duel – Prince Imrahil and a Gundabad Troll with Scythe Gauntlets.

Adam Troke: The day has come to prove myself (and my lovely Knights of Dol Amroth) against the monstrous Gundabad hordes! To this end, I have gathered my 600 points of glorious knights (and a very welcome White Wizard) to wreak havoc on the legions of Gundabad!

My plans are more or less what you would imagine, should you spend half your waking life daydreaming of daring, heroic cavalry charges… I plan to race forward into battle and cut down the Orcs with my Knights, while Gandalf tackles Bolg and Imrahil deals with Jay’s Gundabad Troll. I’m sure Jay has a more advanced plan than that, but frankly, as long as I get to make a charge or two, I’ll be happy.

Now, having Gandalf™ the White at such a comparatively low points value is something many gamers are probably lamenting as they look at my army. And they’d be right to feel that way in any other situation – except that I love Imrahil and the Knights of Dol Amroth, and Gandalf goes beautifully with them, so winning is less important to me than giving a good accounting of myself. This game is about settling a score against that cursed Troll… and nothing is going to stand in my way.

Here’s the army list:

Prince Imrahil with armoured horse and lance (leader)

10 Knights of Dol Amroth – all on horses with lances, one with a banner.

Gandalf the White

Jay Clare: After the Troll’s impressive outing against the Prince of Dol Amroth last time, I knew I was in with a strong shout for this game. Suspecting that Adam would pack his army full of Knights of Dol Amroth, I decided to try to squeeze a Gundabad Ogre into my force as well as the Troll. Coupling that with a combination of Gundabad Berserkers and Gundabad Orcs led by Bolg on a Warg, and I was pretty confident that victory would be mine!

My plan was simple, hit the Knights and hit them hard! Oh, and let Bolg do what he does best; namely slaying whatever lies in his path – maybe I’ll send him after that troublesome Wizard…

My army consisted of:

Bolg on Fell Warg (leader)

6 Gundabad Berserkers

1 Gundabad Ogre

Gundabad Orc Captain with shield

11 Gundabad Orcs

1 Gundabad Troll with Scythe Gauntlets

Jay Clare: We decided to try out the new Capture and Control Scenario that will be in use at the Warhammer Fest Open Tournament, a Scenario that would give us a lot to think about during the game. There were five objectives on the board that both sides would be fighting over. At the end of each turn, whichever side was in base contact with an objective would take control of it – keeping control of it until the opposing side took it from them. If both sides were in contact with the same objective, then it would revert to being neutral and neither side would take control of it – simple!

Having set up his models out of Charge range of the Gundabad army, Adam then lost Priority and chose to throw caution to the wind, Charging his Knights of Dol Amroth into my Orc battleline – and Prince Imrahil wasted no time in charging the Troll head-on in search of revenge. In the ensuing Fight phase, Imrahil called a Heroic Strike in order to win the Fight against the hulking beast, causing 2 Wounds in the process! By the end of the first turn, Adam had taken control of three objectives whilst I only had one, giving Adam a 6-2 lead.

Turn 2 saw Adam win the Heroic Move roll-off, and once more charged his Knights into the already battered Gundabad front line. Gandalf only worsened my standing by casting Sorcerous Blast, which killed four Gundabad Orc spearmen! However, the Fight phase went much more in my favour as Bolg bested Gandalf in the Fight, slaying Shadowfax and dealing 1 Wound to the pesky Wizard, while the Troll warded off Imrahil, slew his horse, and dealt him 2 Wounds, which caused him to use all of his Fate points. I also managed to sneak one of my Berserkers onto one of Adam’s objectives, switching it to my control in the End phase. At the end of turn 2, the score was 4-4.

As we entered turn 3, Adam and I were both dangerously close to breaking and Imrahil was out of Might and in a sticky situation, having failed his Thrown Rider test when the Troll slew his horse. This time I managed to win the Heroic Move roll-off and Charged Bolg straight into the White Wizard. The Troll then leapt on Imrahil in an attempt to finish him off whilst the rest of my Warriors charged the remaining Knights in an effort to break Adam’s force. Combat saw Imrahil shield on the floor to beat the Troll and regain his footing. However, Gandalf was not so lucky; Bolg smashing aside the Wizard with one fell swing of his mighty pick, dealing him a massive 7 Wounds! After breaking Adam’s force and another Berserker jumping onto one of his objectives, the score stood at 7-2 in my favour.

The fourth turn started with Imrahil making the ‘tactical’ decision to run away and charge two Gundabad Berserkers, instead of taking on the Troll he had challenged at the start (the coward!) – however, this played into Adam’s hands as Imrahil slew both of the Berserkers, which was enough to break my force. This took the scores to 7-3 in my favour, but I knew that if there was another turn and then Adam won Priority, I could be in big trouble if my Courage tests went poorly. Luckily, the dice gods were on my side and the game ended, giving a 7-3 victory to Gundabad – and my first win on the blog!

However, with both Imrahil and the Troll still alive, we decided to put them into a fight to the death to finally settle the score once and for all. Imrahil was out of Might and Fate, but the Troll only had 2 Wounds remaining – a tough fight to call! In the end, the Prince of Dol Amroth on foot was no match for the mighty Gundabad Troll, who swatted him aside in a dominating display. Undisputed victory to Gundabad!

Adam Troke: So, first let’s address the Mûmak in the room… Prince Imrahil did not run away! I absolutely had to break Jay’s force to have even the faintest hope of salvaging victory from the bloodied remains of my army, so Imrahil did what was necessary, and scythed down the two Gundabad Berserkers instead. Sadly, the game ended before I could capitalise on that.

Regardless, Jay won the battle fair and square and I have now taken a solemn vow not to ‘talk trash’ about his Gundabad Troll for at least a week.

With that out of the way, what could I have done differently? Loads, basically. I could have used Gandalf’s Sorcerous Blast to hurl the Troll through Jay’s ranks. I could have Immobilised Bolg, and speared him with all my Knights. But, I wanted a cracking game of derring-do and heroism, and we got it.

But I will have my revenge…

Jay Clare: Well, that was a fantastic game, full of hilarious moments and finally getting to settle who is mightier between the Troll and Imrahil! Adam’s first turn was devastating, slaying six of my Warriors in the first turn with very little response. Luckily, I was able to get rid of Gandalf pretty quickly, if I hadn’t then he would have played havoc with the Troll by Immobilising it for Imrahil to finish off. The lack of models in Adam’s force meant that I was able to take better control of the objectives and turn them in my favour whilst Adam was quickly swamped by Orcs.

Had the game gone on it could have been very different, as Adam breaking my force could have resulted in many Orcs, and even the Ogre and Troll, running away, handing Adam an opening to steal victory from the jaws of defeat. Yet the fact remains that victory is mine and I have finally ended my winless run on the blog!

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