Posted 17/05/2017

Black Library at Warhammer Fest

At the end of May, the worlds of Warhammer descend on the Ricoh Arena in Coventry for Warhammer Fest, two days celebrating every aspect of the Warhammer hobby – and of course, Black Library will be there with books, authors, seminars and more!

Six of Black Library’s finest will be at the event, with John French, Guy Haley, Paul Kearney and Josh Reynolds in attendance across the weekend, while Chris Wraight joins them on Sunday, and Dan Abnett makes a special appearance for a few hours on the Sunday as well.

All of them will be signing your books and CDs (right next to where you can buy them – handy), and all but Dan will be taking part in a special “Writing for Black Library” seminar that’s running each day. In there, you can hear them talk about what it’s like to write for the worlds of Warhammer and get some tidbits about their latest releases – which you’ll be able to pick up at the event!

Speaking of what you can buy, there will be a huge range of new and exclusive books and CDs available, including pre-release titles such as ‘Hallowed Knights: Plague Garden’ and ‘Horus Heresy: Dark Compliance’, plus some rare and hard to find Limited Editions, usually only available from and at Warhammer World.

Pick up your tickets for Warhammer Fest now, and we’ll see you on the 27th and 28th of May!

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