Posted 14/05/2017

More Blood Bowl at Warhammer Fest

Warhammer Fest was already looking like a great a weekend for fans of Blood Bowl, but now it looks like the infamous Orcland Raiders will be making an appearance too!

This new combined plastic and resin kit from Forge World allows you to build one of the most fearsome greenskin teams in Blood Bowl history. You can tell they’re mean, as they all have helmets with horns – always a sure giveaway with Orcs*. And what’s more, they’re bringing a new pitch with them!

The Gouged Eye’s home stadium will be available in a new neoprene pitch format. Easy to store and cushioned for optimised dice rolling.

All these new releases will be available first at Warhammer Fest.

If you’re a Blood Bowl fan, why not join us and take part in the tournament taking place at the weekend while you’re at it?

Get tickets here:

*And Orks, actually

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