Posted 08/05/2017

MORE Goblins on the Pitch!

We’ll that didn’t take them long.

They were only announced yesterday, and already those dastardly goblins have concocted a range of deadly – and almost certainly illegal – secret weapons to use for Blood Bowl! We can see the classic ball and chain, an actual bomb, and a chainsaw that looks… pretty familiar actually…

These guys will be on the way from Forge World to accompany the new Goblin team. We also think they’d make pretty awesome Grot fanatics for Warhammer Age of Sigmar games. #grotblock

These guys will be available soon, and you’ll have a chance to pick them up for the first time at our huge Warhammer Fest event in Coventry UK, at the end of the month. We have quite a bit of pre-release and event-exclusive stuff on the way from Forge World at the event. Here’s a quick roundup of what’s been announced so far:

Find out more about Warhammer Fest and get your tickets here:

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