Posted 02/05/2017

Warhammer Live This Week May 3rd-5th

This week we have another hobby-filled schedule for you here at Warhammer Live.

On Wednesday we have something really special. The Narrative Event Organisers (NEOs), a few of which you have seen here, will be playing a double header showcasing narrative gaming. They are playing two linked games where the outcome of the first will have an impact on what happens in the second and the players may change the objectives depending on how the story develops. This will be a cracker!!!

On Thursday, we bring you guests from around Games Workshop HQ. We’ll have games design legend Jervis Johnson from the rules team, who will be talking about narrative gaming. Then we have Joey Logan from the studio back by popular request to talk about developing the Sector Mechanicus range.

Friday is Warhammer 40,000 day, and this week, we have Simon Grant with Space Wolves facing off against Andy Millington’s Thousand Sons. This is a grudge match long in the making, so expect some smack talk. Then, for game two we have John from the Aceface youtube channel using Tyranids against Sean’s Space Marines.

It’s gonna be a another great week!

You can watch all the action live for free over on our Twitch channel, or subscribe to watch them, as well as our full back catalogue of shows and events, anytime.

All Times are UK Local Time (BST)

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