Posted 26/04/2017

Neo Army Showcase

On the 3rd of May, a group of Narrative Event Organisers (NEOs) are taking over the Warhammer live-stream on our Twitch channel. They will be playing a pair of linked games and showcasing how they go about narrative gaming.

They were recently here at Games Workshop HQ having a look at some of the great new narrative products that we have coming out for Warhammer Age of Sigmar later this year, and we took the chance to get some pictures of their lovely models, which we will be sharing with you in the lead up to the live-stream. Each army is accompanied by a bit of background covering who they are, where in the realms they are from, and what they are fighting for.

The Huntspinney of Sequoyya

I have lost count of the seasons that have passed since the Sequoyyans graced the jade garden of our Everqueen, yet still we travel further and further from our natural home. Whilst all of us pine to return to our kin in the Ambersap Grove as swiftly as possible, we will not do so until we have fulfilled the task that She has honoured us with.

I have forbidden any of the remaining Sequoyyans to question the reasoning behind The Splintering, but I also find myself pondering its purpose. Why would our Everqueen have exiled the Sons of Durthu? She can be quick to anger but rarely does she make such seemingly rash and unnatural decisions. My heartwood cannot comprehend it, but I know that my sister Branchwychs would not dare question the Everqueen so I remain silent.

It may not matter anyway, as Sempervirens, our guide, our protector, our own Son of Durthu, has given us to believe that we are close to locating his brother-cutting, Cupressaseae. Sempervirens has talked of small shoots in the realm roots of this land which indicate that we grow ever near to our quarry. It is not clear if Cupressaseae is injured, but as the vine-scent gets stronger, we suspect that he may be hibernating.  

Our Tree-Revenants, The Autumn of Camblum, are typically sombre and show neither relief or enthusiasm at this news, but I don’t hold that against them. Throughout our long journey, they have been ever reliable and have shown nothing but selflessness in their actions to protect us from our enemies.

This cannot be said of our ten remaining Dryads. Cotyledon has taken leadership of the group since Monecious was rendered to kindling by Megaboss Margrog Meatzniffa, a few moons past. Although temperamental like our Everqueen, Cotyledon has proven adept at invigorating her charges into a frenzy unlike any I have witnessed before. Uncontrollable as they may be, they are fast, deadly and relentless. Bloodied flesh bodies are left in their wake and our path is always clear, so I cannot protest at their methods even though I worry that they may be falling to the ways of the Outcast, Drycha Hamadreth.

Finally, the Crimsonwood Kurnoth Hunters have recently split themselves. I was horrified to find out that three have dispensed with their sacred Scythes and taken up Greatbows. They must have spitegrown the bows when I was communing with Sempervirens! I have made my displeasure known, but hand on heartwood, the accuracy and power of their arrows is unquestionable, and I truly believe that our numbers would have been whittled down further had it not been for their actions in battle.

The ruddy light of a new growthday is crackling over the horizon and we will resume our root march shortly. I am beginning to feel that this day will define the course of our task. It matters not what form Cupressaseae in, the Children of Sequoyya will return to the glory of the Jade Kingdom with two Sons of Durthu or we will never return at all.”

Arturs’ War Council of ‘The Order’

The Council Assembles

“To become a Battlemage of ‘The Order of Sigmar’ takes a lifetime of study and war training. You need to have either been born into the line of the Collegiate Arcane or have natural gifts bestowed upon you at birth from Sigmar himself. Once in a 100 years or so, one such gifted individual will also have the opportunities to study in the College of Azyrheim, a library of every event, spell, and incantation – some even dating back to the World-That-Was. If they are successful, these individuals will join Sigmar’s personal council.

Leading the War Council is Artur Sigi, a powerful Amber Mage who rides atop a rare two-headed Griffon. He has studied for 60 years to perfect the art of the Beast winds, and only now is he to be released by Sigmar back into the Mortal Realms. A Witch Hunter in the Realm of Ghur found Artur as a feral boy; no one knew how he survived the jungles surrounding Cartha, but he was brought back and put before Sigmar. The God-King knew that Artur was something special and placed him into the Order of Azyr.

Accompanying Artur, Vero the Heavens Mage rides atop a Celestial Hurricanum, a strange chariot that delivers the raging storms of Sigmar upon the enemy all whilst bathing nearby allies in an aura of speed and accuracy. Sangeri the White who rides to war upon the Luminark of Hysh joins the Hurricanum. The war machine, developed by the Collegiate Arcane and Eldritch Council in the Realm of Light, is able to deliver a pinpoint beam of light, dealing with the enemy before it is able to even know what hit it.

There are five Battlemages who complete this War Council. Aered the Grey is a Shadow Mage who is able to draw down the mists of Uglu and vanish into the aether. Bretorii, who studied in the colleges of Phoenicum in the Realm of Ghyran, is a Jade Mage gifted with healing powers favoured highly by Artur. Dugii the Bright is a Fire Mage who studied the Magmadroths and magma dragons in the stronghold of Hammerhal (Ashqy).

Kull the Amethyst was cast out by the College of Herebore back in its hay-day for committing acts of heresy, he began dealing more and more with the arts of Necromancy, forbidden by the Collegiate Arcane. However, due to his knowledge of Herebore and his skills in Death magic, he was welcomed back by Artur who convinced Sigmar to do so. Kroin is the last in the Council, and youngest also. Able to convert most organic substances to sigmarite, he is valued highly already by Artur. He studies the art of the winds of Metal, and was born into a rich family of Gold Mages (whether this money is earned or manufactured by magic, no one knows).

Together they have trained, together they have studied, and now together the War Council will finally be released upon the Mortal Realms to undertake the work of the God-King and down the enemies of Order!”

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