Posted 24/04/2017

Blood Bowl at Warhammer Fest

This year’s Warhammer Fest will be a great event for fans of the glorious game of Blood Bowl. Not only will the event be playing host to a competitive Blood Bowl tournament, it will also be the first place to pick us a selection of great new miniatures.

We can show you a few of these today, which will be on the way soon from the Forge World studio.

One of these is the first of our team booster packs.

The Skaven Team Booster gives you four more poses for the most used players, and is designed to fill out your Skavenblight Scramblers core team (a collective “Squeak” of joy can be heard from Skaven players the world over at the prospect of more Gutter Runners).

Grim Ironjaw also makes his debut in this edition of Blood Bowl, with an imposing new miniature – that hair alone looks like it could blitz it’s way through some teams…

These are just some of the new Blood Bowl miniatures that will be on sale first at Warhammer Fest, and followed soon after with a general release. We’ll also have some miniatures for a brand new team and a couple of new star players that have never before been seen on the Blood Bowl pitch.

Warhammer Fest promises to be a memorable weekend for any fans of the game of fantasy football.

Find out more about the event, and order your tickets here:

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