Posted 23/04/2017

Black Library and Dan Abnett at Warhammer Fest

With Warhammer Fest coming up at the end of May, and a host of Black Library authors due to attend, a lot of you have been asking who you’ll get to meet and chat with.

Over the Warhammer Fest weekend, there will be six authors ready and waiting so you can delve into their creations with them and share your own thoughts during book readings, seminars and signing sessions. The great thing about the Black Library authors is that the people behind the process are well worth saying hello to; their enthusiasm about the worlds and characters they build is infectious!

Saturday      Sunday
Josh Reynolds      Josh Reynolds
Paul Kearney      Paul Kearney
Guy Haley      Guy Haley
John French      Dan Abnett
John French
Chris Wraight

You may spot that long-time Black Library author Dan Abnett is with us on Sunday, but he’ll only be available from 11.00am to 2.00pm, so if you’re a particular fan of his work, take note and plan to say hi to him then.

Want to ask about the influences behind a favourite character? Wondering where a favourite storyline might go next? Want to make a friend jealous (or happy) by getting a book signed? Warhammer Fest is your opportunity to explore the Warhammer stories of Black Library, with the authors who create them, so get your tickets now, and clear your reading schedule for your latest book haul!

Find out more about Warhammer Fest on May 27th and 28th, and how to get tickets here:

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