Posted 18/04/2017

Updates to Grand Tournaments at Warhammer Fest

Hello, it’s John here from the Events Team, taking a few minutes out from our flurry of activity getting everything ready, as the upcoming Warhammer Fest Tournaments draw ever closer, and we have some news for you!

Today all five Tournaments have re-launched event packs. Mainly we’re just clarifying some details people have asked about, but exciting key changes worth knowing are:

  • We’ve changed the names of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar and The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Game Tournaments to “Open Tournaments”.
  • If you’re the winner of either of these Open Tournaments at Warhammer Fest, you’ll be invited to Warhammer World later in the year to battle against the corresponding finalist of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar and The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Game Grand Tournaments! Will you be able to beat them?
  • Times for all of the Tournaments have changed, so on Sunday you’ll have most of the afternoon free to relax and explore Warhammer Fest, including the Golden Demon Painting Competition.
  • If you’re a keen painter, the ‘Eavy Metal team are now confirmed as judges for the Best Painted awards for all five Tournaments.

As you might imagine when running five Tournaments at the same time, the amount of ‘getting everything ready’ rivals the Emperor’s preparation for the Great Crusade. The main differences being we aren’t trying to develop a method of mass producing genetic super warriors!

So, as well as getting the event packs spot-on, what does it physically take to put on five Warhammer Fest Tournaments?

Currently we are preparing and planning to….

  • Build 450 70-piece Citadel Woods… 
    • …which will take 300 hours to build… 
    • … and 100 hours to paint
  • Pack all those with 1000 Warhammer 40,000 scenery pieces, 1000 Age of Sigmar scenery pieces and 500 The Hobbit™ Strategy Battle Game scenery pieces.
  • Transport them 49 miles to the Ricoh Arena
  • Arrange 350 tables and 700+ chairs
  • Unfurl 350 Battle Mats
  • Open up 150 Blood Bowl pitches and 300 dugouts
  • Print and mount at least 50 certificates
  • Polish 15 trophies

As you can see, instead of attempting to conquer the galaxy (which is no mean feat), we’re getting ready to provide immersive battlefields for you to play on, schedules so that you can see at least a small portion of the other things going on at Warhammer Fest and, of course, we’re preparing some awesome awards for you as well!

Want to join us for a Grand Tournament or Open Tournament at Warhammer Fest?

Find out more and get your tickets for the new updated Tournaments at Warhammer Fest here:

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