Posted 12/04/2017

April 12th Narrative Game Lists

Game 2

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These armies are for the second of today’s games. While the players have used points as a rough guide, they are not too concerned about being exactly even.

Stuart’s Blades of Khorne Army

Stuart’s army has been used in many games, and almost all the units have names, although the Chaos Warshrine and Slaughterbrute seem to not yet be worthy. Maybe they will build a story in today’s game.

  • Darlac Bloodrinker (Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer)
    – Disciple of Khorne
    – Skull Helm of Khorne
  • Skabukhan the Slayer (Slaughterpriest with Great Axe)
    – Killing Frenzy
  • Kitheldor Bloodlord (Slaughterpriest with Hack Blade and Wrath Hammer)
    – Blood Sacrifice
  • Droknath Bloodblade (Exalted Deathbringer with Impaling Spear)
  • Abgul Gorethirster (Bloodsecrator)
    – Banner of Rage
  • The Skullsworn (Bloodreavers)
  • The Red Slayers (Bloodreavers)
  • The Dark Feast (Warscroll Battalion)
  • Chaos Warshrine
  • Slaughterbrute
  • Bargothan the Destroyer (Bloodthirster)

Steve’s Stormcast Eternals Army

This is the first time out for Steve’s army so it is the beginning of the Search Party’s tale. What story will Lord Helios have to tell?

The Search Party

  • Lord Helios (Lord-Aquilor)
    – Cunning Strategist
    – Quicksilver Potion
    – Wind Runner
  • Tychon (Knight-Azyros)
  • Damon (Knight-Venator)
  • Celestant-Prime
  • The Rays of Helios (3x Vanguard-Palladors)
  • The Light of Helios (3x Vanguard-Palladors)
  • Talon’s Reach (6x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins)
  • Talon’s Strike (3x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers)
  • The Cerberians (6x Gryph-hounds)

Game 1

Gary’s Blades of Khorne Army

Gary’s army is made up of a selection of warbands, each one has a leader followed by a band of units. There is a simplicity to the list which befits Khorne’s direct and bloody approach:

The Forgotten Legion

  • Khoron, The Forgotten, He That Is Last. (Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage)
  • The Unbjorn (Skullreapers),
  • Bhalgrab’s Butchers (Forsaken),
  • The Last Horns (Ungor),
  • The Khorne Fiends (Stormfiends)

The Reboryn

  • Darius Reboryn (Mighty Lord of Khorne)
  • Hench Skaaraxe (Slaughterpriest)
  • The Vein Prince (Bloodsecrator)
  • Corpulus Bloodgorger (Bloodstoker),
  • The Fyrstbjorn (Blood Warriors)
  • Howldark’s Marauders (Bloodreavers)
  • Clenchax (Khorgorath)

The Blood Lodges of Khazek

  • Khazek, King of Ashes (Conversion using Archaon model with a home-made warscroll)
  • The King Slayers (Varanguard)
  • The Shield Breakers (Mighty Skullcrushers)
  • The Skull Takers (Chaos Knights)

Jamie Forster’s Ironjawz Army

Jamie has listed his units in order of importance and remembers them by their deeds:

  • Kragg Deff-Choppa (Megaboss)
  • Gnashrak on Ironscalp (Megaboss on Maw-krusha) – Kragg’s enforcer.
  • Rara Skullbeat (Warchanter) lead drummer of the…
  • Deff War-Pigz (Brutes converted so that each model has Gorkstickks and Morkstikks!)
  • Da Twitcha (Weirdnob Shaman) only kills things in combat, most recently a unit of Spite-Revenants.
  • Da Flincha (Weirdnob Shaman) has never successfully called on the power of Gork.
  • Grukks Raidas (Brutes)
  • Gnashraks Scalpas (Ardboys) are loyal to Gnashrak, not Kragg.
  • Da Burnin’ Skullz (Ardboys) with the job of controlling Da Twitcha and Da Flincha. Their Standard Bearer lost all the skin on his skull for getting too close to the Shamans.
  • Da Big Jawz (Ardboys)

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