Posted 09/04/2017

Warhammer Fest – Studio Displays

A good diorama uses miniatures and scenery to capture a moment, or multiple moments, within in a bigger event, and the Warhammer World Studio team are no strangers to creating evocative dioramas packed with miniatures and narrative.

The team have had a hand in 21 different dioramas at Warhammer World so far, and you can see their latest work at Warhammer World now.

We caught up with Warhammer World Studio manager James Karch, as he let us take some photos of their current work in progress.


James: “The structure of Ferro-Giant Alphus was built by a different team, and then we were asked if Warhammer World wanted to put it on display. Our team have been turning an amazingly complex scenery build into something complete with miniatures that tell a story. It’s been unusual to work on something we haven’t built from the ground up ourselves, but fun as a challenge.

“We have a few dioramas on the go right now, as we’re planning to take four complete and one work-in-progress diorama to Warhammer Fest in May. It’ll be like a mini Warhammer World Exhibition area. Ferro-Giant Alphus is complete, but the others are all in different stages!”

“I know the team will get them done in good time, and we want to take more dioramas to Warhammer Fest this year than we have before, to really give people a variety to look at. It’s cracking to chat with folks, as we often put a diorama on display in Warhammer World but don’t get to see how people react to it, or get chance to answer their questions about it.”

Forge World’s Mark Bedford and Phil Stutcinskas are also working on a detailed new diorama for the Warhammer World Exhibition, and we got privileged access for a closer look.


These dioramas will be gradually added to the displays at Warhammer World from June onwards, or you can see them first and chat to their creators at Warhammer Fest over May 27th and 28th.  

Find out more and get your tickets here:

Can’t wait? Ferro-Giant Alphus is on display in the Warhammer World Exhibition now. Find out more about visiting the Warhammer World Exhibition HERE.

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