Posted 07/04/2017

What You’ll be Reading Soon

It’s the start of the month, and that means a whole raft of new books have been announced by Black Library. Let’s take a look at what you can pre-order now, and also at what you’ll be able to read in the far-off month of July.

July’s new titles

July is set to be a bumper month with half a dozen new books and audio dramas hitting the shelves. Here’s what’s got us excited:

The Primarchs series continues with a new Limited Edition, ‘Lorgar: Bearer of the Word’. Set on Colchis before the coming of the Emperor, this novel by Gav Thorpe delves into Lorgar’s past and his relationship with everyone’s favourite fanatical high priest, Kor Phaeron.

There’s a new Horus Heresy audio drama too, John French’s ‘Dark Compliance’.  The Mechanicum world of Accazzar-Beta defies Horus’s armies and refuses to turn traitor. How far will the Warmaster go to bring the tech-priests to heel? Pretty far, we’d bet.

Back in the 41st Millennium, John French also delves into the Inquisition and the dark days of the Horusian Wars, focusing on Inquisitor Covenant – a name that will be familiar to fans of the old Inquisitor game – as he hunts a traitorous member of his own order.

You can set your reminders for these, and more titles, including a new novel about Commander Farsight, on now.

Pre-order for May

If you can’t wait to get your hands on some Inquisitorial action, there’s good news: you can pre-order another novel of the Ordos now – Chris Wraight’s  ‘Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne’. Set on Terra itself, it sees Inquisitor Crowl hunting down a conspiracy that might just infect the highest reaches of Imperial society.

And that’s not all that’s available to pre-order – you can also experience new tales of the Iron Hands and the Phoenix Lord Jain Zar, plus get a trio of Horus Heresy audio dramas on CD for the first time.

Pre-order your copies here:

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