Posted 30/03/2017

Monsters from Gundabad

Last week saw the release of the enormous Gundabad Trolls – the largest Trolls produced for Middle-earth™ to date. Armed with either a crushing club or a pair of scythe gauntlets, these brutal creatures are fully equipped to tear through the ranks of the enemies of the Pale Orc.

With their impressive Fight value of 7, a monstrous Strength value of 7, a fearsome Defence value of 8, all coupled with a Wounds value of 4 – these beasts are arguably the most vicious Trolls available in the Strategy Battle Game. But who, or what, can actually stop them?

The Middle-earth team posed that very question to themselves, and each put forward a champion to take on a mighty Gundabad Troll in a fight to the death in single combat.

Adam Troke put forward his favourite character in Middle-earthPrince Imrahil of Dol Amroth. The Prince’s first adversary was the Troll with the crushing club, and after a fortunate first turn of combat, chipping a single Wound off his foe, Imrahil charged headlong into the Gundabad Troll, causing a mighty 3 Wounds and impaling it upon his lance. Next up for the mighty Prince was the Troll with scythe gauntlets – a much closer fight. After six turns of gruelling combat, both Imrahil and the Troll were reduced to a single Wound. The final combat saw the Gundabad Troll avenge its fallen ally, striking the final blow that ensured its victory.

Trolls: 1 – Heroes of Good: 1

Jay Clare chose Glorfindel, an Elven lord of great power, as his champion; someone we thought would easily get the job done. Against the scythe-armed Troll, the Elf wasted little time in dispatching his adversary. Yet this would not help the Elven lord against the Gundabad Troll armed with crushing club. The Troll clattered into the Elf, winning the fight thanks to a roll-off and dealing 3 Wounds to Glorfindel, who had to rely on his Fate points to survive. The next, and final, turn saw much of the same with the Troll besting Glorfindel once more and slaying him in a brutal fashion (without taking so much as a scratch in return).

Trolls: 2 – Heroes of Good: 2

Rob Macfarlane opted for Aragorn, King Elessar. Rob was banking on his free Might point a turn and wounding the Troll on a 4+ thanks to Andúril to deliver him victory. Everything went to plan for Aragorn against the Troll with scythe gauntlets, as the King of Gondor slew the beasts in a mere two turns. Yet it was a close-run battle against the other Troll; as after he dealt 2 Wounds to the Troll in the previous round of combat, Aragorn rolled a 1 for his Heroic Strike on the second turn – tying with the Troll at Fight 7. With the Troll having already rolled a 6, Aragorn could only draw the fight and hope that the roll-off went his way. Luckily for Aragorn, the result was a 5, allowing him to swing Andúril at the Troll for one final time and fell the beast. Out of curiosity, we decided to find out what would have happened if the Troll had won the roll-off, and if it had, it would have dealt a massive 7 Wounds to King Elessar and secured victory!

Trolls: 2 – Heroes of Good: 4

Gavin Newton selected Thorin Oakenshield™, King Under the Mountain to take on the Troll challenge. Against the Troll with the scythe gauntlets, the king of Erebor put up a brave fight, wounding the beast three times before succumbing to the creature’s might. Thorin then tried his hand against the Troll armed with the crushing club. The mighty Dwarf lord started out strong, winning the first four rounds of combat and reducing the Troll to a single Wound, all whilst remaining unscathed. Yet fate was not on Thorin’s side, as in the final turn, the Gundabad Troll landed a devastating Wound upon the Dwarf, one that multiplied into 3 Wounds thanks to its crushing club. With his Fate roll failed, Thorin fell once more to his mighty foe.

Trolls: 4 – Heroes of Good: 4

Keith Robertson put forward the Lord of the Iron Hills himself, Dain Ironfoot. The hardy Dwarf strode into battle atop his war boar, charging recklessly towards his foe. However, not even the fiery temper of the mighty Dwarf lord could subdue his foe, as the Troll with scythe gauntlets cut Dain down from his war boar after only sustaining a single Wound. Against the Troll with crushing club, Dain started much better; taking the beast down to just 2 Wounds after the first few rounds of combat. However, the Troll proved to be too much for Dain as it raised its club high above its head, bringing it down upon the Lord of the Iron Hills and felling him instantly.

Trolls: 6 – Heroes of Good: 4

Sam Jeffrey opted for Gil-galad as his champion, someone he thought would be more than a match for the Gundabad Trolls – and he wasn’t wrong. In both of his fights against the different Trolls, it only took the High King of the Elves two turns per battle to slay the foul beasts, and in both situations, he remained unscathed – proof that if you need to slay a Gundabad Troll, you can’t go far wrong with an Elven King of old!

Trolls: 6 – Heroes of Good: 6

So, there you have it, the Gundabad Trolls can certainly hold their own against some of Middle-earth’s mightiest Heroes. Jay has already painted one Gundabad Troll for himself and is sure to add another to his collection before too long.  Adam is demanding a rematch, but this time he wants to use all of his Knights of Dol Amroth in the fight as well – a challenge that no doubt Jay will accept with his own Azog’s Legion force in the near future…

What exciting things have your Gundabad Trolls accomplished so far? We would love to hear about your experiences with them on the battlefield over on the Forge World Facebook page. And if you haven’t yet got your own Gundabad Troll, you can click HERE to purchase yours now.

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