Posted 25/03/2017

Go Team Green!

On the face of it, Trolls probably wouldn’t be your first choice for a Blood Bowl player.

They are notoriously stupid, and certainly don’t have the mental capacity to fully understand the rules of a game like Blood Bowl, simple though they may be.

Orcs however, never really held the rules of the game to be all that important – viewing them more as a rough guide on how to prepare for a slightly more organised brawl.

Trolls, while lacking in brains, have an abundance of strength, durability and general ” ‘ardness” – all of which are greatly admired by Orcs.

If you want a brawny player to aid you in crumping the enemy team, look no further. Rules for this Big Guy can be found in the core Blood Bowl game.

Also available today are The Gouged Eye Orcs. This set allows you to add 12 more green skins to your Orc Team.

Pre-order both the Troll and the Orc team here:

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