Posted 24/03/2017

Grand Tournaments at Warhammer Fest

Warhammer Fest is an essential part of any Warhammer fan’s calendar, and this year it’s better than ever. All of the amazing seminars, demonstration pods, exclusive items, Golden Demon and hobby inspiration will still be present, but we’re adding one more feature – the Grand Tournaments.

Over the weekend, the ultimate gaming experience will be on offer for players of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, The Horus Heresy, Blood Bowl and The Hobbit™: Strategy Battle Game, for each will have its very own Warhammer Fest Grand Tournament. Players will battle it out with one another for a unique gaming experience and the chance to be crowned the Warhammer Fest Grand Tournament Champion.

No matter your skill level, a Grand Tournament at Warhammer Fest is a rare opportunity, with hundreds of exquisitely painted miniatures, the buzz of the wargaming atmosphere, the chance to play against a vast array of different armies and teams, and the chance to meet like-minded enthusiasts. Never before will so many fans of the Games Workshop hobby have been all together in the same room rolling dice.

Everyone attends Grand Tournaments, and indeed Warhammer Fest, for their own reasons. Elliot, from the Warhammer World Events team, recently caught up with tournament regular Lawrence from Tabletop Tactics to get his thoughts on the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament at Warhammer Fest:

Elliot: What is it about Grand Tournaments that excites and interests you?

Lawrence: It’s the community spirit that emerges at events like this, that rare opportunity to get together with dozens, if not hundreds, of other participants to display their hobby and generalship skills. The atmosphere at events such as these is always electric and there is usually a ton of model eye-candy on show too!

Elliot: Why do you like playing in a competitive environment?

Lawrence: When playing at a Grand Tournament style event, there is a tremendous satisfaction that comes with pitting your wits against enemy generals on the field of battle. You get to play and meet lots of different people and invariably make new friends as you attempt to destroy each other’s armies! As you progress up or down the ranking tables, you feel a sense of achievement with your results, or if your army didn’t perform as expected, you learn how to improve for next time. Overall, it is always an exciting experience and fantastic opportunity for you to play games with new people. 

Elliot: What are you looking to get out of the event?

Lawrence: Other than meeting lots of new people and absorbing the atmosphere at Warhammer Fest, I’m keen to see how well my army can perform. I managed to finish in eighth position at the Las Vegas Open and I would like to aim for a top 10 finish at the Grand Tournament too, if possible. I’m very excited to see if my new Ynnari force can deliver the results, although with the format being as open as it is, I may well have to face a Titan or two, so that may scupper my plans somewhat! Either that, or I’ll have to make room for some larger toys of my own in my list <insert evil cackling here>. But in all seriousness, I’ll just be happy getting to play five games over the weekend!

At its core, that’s what the Warhammer Fest Grand Tournaments are all about – a vast array of different people getting together, rolling dice and enjoying themselves. If you fancy taking part, you can find more information HERE.

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