Posted 18/03/2017

Titanic new releases from Black Library

Some great new titles for your Black Library collection today.

Following on from the release of the classic ‘Titanicus’ Exclusive Edition yesterday, we have another returning Titan classic from Dan Abnett. The graphic novel ‘Titan’ is available again in a new hardback and eBook format. This is the tale of a Warlord Titan, and its crew as they take on some of the mightiest foes in the galaxy, from Gargant to Bio-titan.

Also on the Titan theme, we have a new Horus Heresy audio tale. The ‘Binary Succession’ is set on Terra itself in the build up to the final battle. Even as enemies close in on the home world of humanity, the ruling structure of the Imperium is put to the test…

On a non-Titan note, but still equally awesome, we have ‘The Eye of Ezekiel’, from Author C Z Dunn. This new Space Marine Battles novel follows the legendary Grand Master Librarian Ezekiel as he leads his brothers to war against the Ork menace. It’s a great mix of action and intrigue, just as a Dark Angels novel should be.

C Z Dunn is of course no stranger to the descendants of the First Legion, being the author behind the excellent ‘Pandorax‘ novel.

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