Posted 17/03/2017

Reinforcements for Good and Evil

There is loads on the way from Middle-earth™ this week, with reinforcements for both the forces of Good, and the legions of the Dark Lord.

For the armies of the Iron Hills come sturdy warriors with mattocks and their accompanying commanders. These guys provide Dwarven generals with more options on how to equip their infantry.

Cunning generals know that a mix of weapons is usually a good bet, as each brings their own advantages against certain types of foe. There are loads of ways to do this, but phalanxes of spear-armed warriors supported by roving teams of mattock-wielders is probably a pretty good start.

Not to be outdone, the forces of Evil get some seriously huge new warriors. The Gundabad Trolls are massive and brutal, even for trolls, and they are armed with some wickedly unsubtle weaponry – just what the forces of evil need to let them punch holes in Dwarven and Elven shield walls.

All these new releases are available to pre-order now.

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