Posted 17/03/2017

A Rat’s Tail – An Interview with the Blitzmania Champion

The Blitzmania league, which ran for five weeks, is now at an end – and what a league it was! With over 5,800 teams recording a whopping 6,413 results in over 300 locations, this has been the biggest Blood Bowl event of all time. We here at Games Workshop want to say a huge thank you to each and every coach who took part and made Blitzmania so exciting to watch and take part in. For a recap of all the action as it went down, check out Jim & Bob’s Blood Bowl Blog.

But, of course, there could be only one winner, and after a frantic few days of players recording their last results, the league table was locked. Our serious-looking numbers-boffins went into a darkened room to decide who was the overall victor of Blitzmania. They carefully looked at all of the results to make sure that there had been no shenanigans (Most unlike Blood Bowl, that! – Jim) and no doubts about the winner!

Our judges and sponsors, having looked at all the results, are proud to announce that the Blitzmania 2017 Champion team was Persona non Gratta, a Skaven team coached by a human; Alain. We sent Jim and Bob to have a chat with with Alain to discuss his experience in the league and his victory!

Jim: A Skaven team haven’t won a league by this big a margin since the Eshin Nightblades took the 2496 McMurty’s Championship*! Tell us about the Skaven team that led you to victory in Blitzmania.

Alain: I chose to use a Skaven team as they are one of fastest in the game, offering huge mobility; that ‘s what I was looking for as all my game is based on speed and average passes.

I do not really have favourite players (Good idea- favouritism can get a Skaven coach stabbed in the back early in the season – Jim), but if I had to point one model out, it’s my Rat Ogre. I managed to get ahold of the classic Blood Bowl Rat Ogre model, which when used alongside the great new Skaven team means there is a great mix of styles.  

Bob: You must have played some crunchin’ games! Tell us about your best moment from Blitzmania!

Jim: Surely it was the moment you got to be the first coach to lift the Blitzmania Trophy?

Alain: Winning games is great fun, but in fact, my best memories are not the victories, but rather my first games with my children, when I introduced them to the great game of Blood Bowl! They joined in with Blitzmania and learned how to play the game too, which means I have more opponents now!

We really enjoyed the excitement of the beginning of the Blitzmania league, and I remember the first touchdown I scored, marked with jokes, and the great atmosphere of loads of people playing games of Blood Bowl.

Jim: You’ve recorded a monstrous 150 results in Blitzmania, eclipsing every other team! How did you fit so many games in, Alain?!

Bob: Sounds like he drove that team hard, Jim! I hope he paid them with lots of warpstone!

Alain: Blitzmania started the first week of school holidays, so, during the first two weeks of the league, my kids and I played all the time. I was coming home from work and playing two games, back to back.

Then, I had an accident at work, so I had to rest up for the last three weeks. It meant I had lots more time to play Blood Bowl. I have a few colleagues who play Warhammer 40,000, and I introduced them to the glorious game too, which gave me even more opponents!  

Every day, as soon as the children came home from school, we’d fit in some more games; in fact, our Blood Bowl set wasn’t tidied away in five weeks. (It must be the first time in a Blood Bowl career that a serious injury has led to playing more games! – Bob)

For this first Blitzmania league, exceptional circumstances meant I got to play lots of games; it may not be the case next season!

Bob: I’ve been wondering if Persona non Gratta are a wandering team or if they have a home stadium (with a training wheel for the Gutter Runners, of course)! Where did you record your results throughout Blitzmania?

Alain: I went to a shop called UNIGAMES in Isle Jourdain, France. The staff there are really friendly, and they have lots of Blood Bowl models available. Being a paramedic (That’s a fancy name for an Apothecary! – Jim), I often work around the clock, so I can’t normally play games at the club there, and many of my games were played at home with my children. We simply saved our results and went to UNIGAMES when we could to record them.

Jim: Now that Persona non Gratta have won Blitzmania, will they be retired into the history books or will they be back next season?!

Bob: Always on the lookout for a sponsorship deal, huh, Jim?!

Alain: Oh, don’t worry, they will be back next season, as will both of my childrens’ teams! We’ve had a really great time playing in the Blitzmania league, so we’re looking to join in with some other events, perhaps even joining the famous NAF. Of course, chances are we won’t get to play quite as many games!

Huge thanks to Games Workshop for organising Blitzmania; it’s been a blast!

So, there we go, folks. Blitzmania is over and the Skaven have taken the top prize; well done, Alain! A huge thank you to every single coach who played games and league promotor who recorded results – you really made Blitzmania a great five weeks of brutal Blood Bowl action. We’ll see you next season!

*Of course, it was a default win after all the coaches of the opposing teams mysteriously “disappeared” over the course of one evening…

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