Posted 16/03/2017

Middle-earth All Stars – Warhammer World Edition

A few weeks ago, we showcased the Middle-earth™ models that we in the Forge World studio most enjoyed painting. Inspired by this, the guys who work in the Warhammer World store at Games Workshop HQ in Lenton wanted to share their favourites too – some of them even painting a new model especially!

James Bragg is one of the team who works in Warhammer World and is an avid hobbyist who always has multiple projects on the go at once. James has often been referred to as a ‘hobby butterfly’ due to the number of times he flits between projects, alters his colour schemes and generally changes his mind! James’ Gundabad Ogre is no exception; the Ogre was re-painted multiple times before James decided he was happy with the outcome, and the final version is fantastic!

Hayden Beardall brought in his Aragorn – Isildur’s Heir model from the old Three Hunters set. Being much more of a painter than a gamer, Hayden has mounted his Aragorn onto a 32mm display base so that he can give his model the appearance of traversing the thick undergrowth, dusty tracks and harsh rocky terrain Aragorn would be used to. Hayden has even weathered the edges of Aragorn’s cloak by drybrushing it with various shades of brown to give a worn and muddied look.

Since painting up this model, Hayden has decided to get involved with the campaign being played amongst his colleagues, and is already working on creating a replacement 25mm base for Aragorn so he can use him in his games.

When choosing his favourite model, James Rose spent his time rummaging around in his vast collection to find his version of Gandalf™ the Grey from The Fellowship of the Ring™ – his favourite model from the entire range. James painted this model way back in 2002 when the Battle of Khazad-dûm boxed set with the metal Balrog™ and Gandalf first came out – in fact he bought the box specifically for this model (he still hasn’t painted the Balrog though!)

The Warhammer World store’s newest recruit, Chris Charles brought in a Mordor™ Orc to show us. Having last played the Strategy Battle Game a good few years ago, Chris has recently been drawn back into Middle-earth by his colleagues, and this Orc is his first foray back into the game. Chris has assured me that a fully-fledged Mordor army is in the pipeline, with many more Orcs waiting to be painted up.

Finally, Rob Webster brought in his painted version of Bolg – Rob’s favourite villain from The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™. The array of flayed Dwarven faces that make up the leather tabard worn by the spawn of Azog is what drew Rob to this figure, and he took great delight in painting Bolg’s grim attire. Rob has modelled Bolg’s base so he is striding across broken rocks, made using bits of cork, and has painted it to resemble the crumbling walls of Dol Guldur or perhaps the lofty perches of Ravenhill.

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