Posted 28/02/2017

Warhammer Live Schedule March 1st-3rd, 2017

We have another great lineup from Warhammer Live this week.

We’re kicking things off, as always, this Wednesday with Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

We have two matched play events on this week. The first of which sees the hardy Duardin take on a Destruction horde in a classic grudge match using the Blood and Glory battleplan.

The second game has two Order forces slugging it out as sigmarite blade meets fyresteel axe in a Border War between the Fyreslayers and Stormcast Eternals (probably fighting over ur-gold).

Our Thursday show has a great mix of guests. After the usual Mailbag and introductions, we hear from one of the painting team responsible for the incredible armies in our battletomes and codexes. Then we’ll be talking to a member of the photography team – talented artists in their own right. To round the day off, Andy Clark, one of the writers of the new Gathering Storm book, joins us to talk about the narrative in the third and final instalment – the much anticipated Rise of the Primarch.

Our Warhammer 40,000 segment on Friday this week is going to be awesome. How do we know this? Because we see the return of the Avenging Son to the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000. Roboute Guilliman will make his world gaming debut in the first game of the day, matched against no less than Skarbrand the exiled Bloodthirster of Khorne in a clash the likes of which has not been seen for millennia!

The second game, while perhaps slightly less epic, promises to be no less entertaining, with a classic battle between Orks vs Humans – fix bayonets!

You can watch all the action over on our Twitch channel, and if you have any requests for games or match ups, be sure to let us know over on the Warhammer TV Facebook page.


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