Posted 17/02/2017

Vote for Black Library in the 2017 Gemmell Awards

The Gemmell Awards are amongst fantasy fiction’s most  prestigious awards.

This year we are delighted to say that Black Library have two nominations in the longlist which you can vote for:

1. Warbeast, by Gav Thorpe

nominated for Legend Award for best novel

This novel is everything Warhammer Age of Sigmar fiction should be, and a worthy nomination.

Like much of the early Age of Sigmar fiction, the Stormcast Eternals took centre stage as we followed their re-discovery of the Mortal Realms. Gav’s Stormcasts were both heroic and tragic – eternal warriors nevertheless hunted by their pasts. The novel has adventure, battle, tragedy and a few nods to the World That Was for those who looked hard enough.

2. Black Rift cover, by Alessandro Baldasseroni

nominated for Ravenheart Award for best cover art

The iconic image of the Stormcast Eternal that features on ‘Black Rift‘ has become one of the most recognised images of Sigmar’s champions. Both the overall composition of the imposing warrior, and the intricate detail when admired close up make it a fantastic piece.

You can vote for these entries at the Gemmell Award 2017 longlist HERE.

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