Posted 17/02/2017

Morg’s back!

One of Blood Bowl‘s most notorious and famous players returns today as Morg ‘N’ Thorg comes out of retirement to the cheers and roars of bloodthirsty Blood Bowl fans everywhere.

This bruiser of a player is feared and respected by anyone who knows anything about the glorious game of Blood Bowl. He’s been known to play for a huge range of teams throughout his career (apart from the Undead – he’s not a big fan of those guys).

Jim and Bob, our local Blood Bowl experts had this to say on Morg’s triumphant return:

“It’s great to see the 2nd best Ogre player of all time return to the field.” – Bob

“What’ wrong with the Undead? I find many of them quite agreeable, actually.” – Jim

So… there you go guys.

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