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Warhammer Community Team Liveblog

[Sunday Feb 5, 3:40pm GMT]

Warhammer Community – Signing off

Thanks to all of you for following along over the weekend, and to all the lovely folk we got to visit with and talk to these past two days. We’ll leave this post right here so you can come back and see it all again later, if you like.

Okay, that’s our coverage complete, until next time…we’ll just leave you with these last two images….

Thanks for joining us everyone!

[Saturday, Feb 4, 9:50am GMT]

Alright everyone, those of us on the Warhammer Community team who are not currently in Las Vegas have made our way out to the Nottingham Belfry Hotel for the Horus Heresy Weekender! (The guys in the States are going to be so jealous.)

We’ll be updating this page over the weekend with details about on reveals as they are released, and Sunday we’ll also cover the Golden Demon, so check back for all the latest scoops on the Horus Heresy.


[10:20am GMT]

Good morning! We’re all back here at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel for another day filled with Heresy. Coffees and breakfasts have been had and the Warmason’s Chamber is buzzing with conversations about painting, building and designing the miniatures and books of the Horus Heresy.

[10:55 am GMT]

The Golden Demon judging is well under way, it looks like they’re on cabinet two at the minute… We’ll have more on this later this afternoon, so stay tuned.

[11:20am GMT]

The gaming tables are full in the Blood Games hall, as loyalists and heretics fight for dominion over the (tabletop) galaxy…

[12:30pm GMT]

We just got ahold of some Black Library cover art from a few upcoming Horus Heresy stories, which were shown off in one of yesterday’s seminars.

[1:30pm GMT]

We had a chat with James Hewitt after the Adeptus Titanicus seminar this morning and got ahold of some cool images from the upcoming book.

James: While the game was clearly inspired by previous editions of Titanicus, as well as Epic, it’s very much it’s own new thing. We tried to make it so that it has lots of detail, but still plays quickly. The overall gist is that it puts you in the command throne of an individual Titan, so you are directing the action as shields and limbs take damage and crew succumb to the rigors of battle.

[3:15pm GMT]

The Angelus seminar has just finished and, whew, we can’t wait to find out more about this! What do we know so far?

Who’s in the book:

  • The Blood Angels Legion
  • The Dark Angels Legion
  • Daemons
  • The Dark Mechanicum
  • The Night Lords Legion

What goes on in the book:

  • Several narratives concerning the campaigns and battles of the Blood Angels and the Dark Angels through the early Horus Heresy and the Age of Darkness.
    • Signus Prime
    • The Thramas Crusade
    • The Persecution of Sarum
    • The Siege of Baal
    • The Passage of the Angel of Death
  • Background and history for the Dark Angels and Blood Angels
  • The Rise of the Dark Mechanicum
  • Daemons and Diabolism in the Horus Heresy!
  • New rules for the:
    • Blood Angels and Dark Angels
    • Night Lords
    • Dark Mechanicum
    • Daemon units 

[3:30pm GMT]

We have a Slayer Sword winner – fantastic work Neil! There are a few other close-up images over on the Golden Demon website, so be sure to check them out in order to fully appreciate this masterful paint job.

There were some really stunning entries to choose from, and we’ll have the rest of the winners up on the Golden Demon website in the near future.


[9:50am GMT]

Well, we’ve arrived, and loads of guests are already here buying their event exclusive minis and having their breakfasts. We’re all waiting for the opening ceremony at 10:30.

[10:15am GMT]

We’ve set up our base of operations in the writer’s room…

That’s John French, Chris Wraight, and Alan Bligh – plotting some sort of Heresy no doubt…you wouldn’t believe the awesome behind-the-scenes Heresy plot conversations they’re having in here (you probably would, but we’re not allowed to tell you – the Inquisition is pretty serious about those sorts of things).

[10:35am GMT]

Everyone is glued to their seats for the first seminar, on the Burning of Prospero and The Horus Heresy Book Seven -Inferno.

[11:10am GMT]

Plenty of folk are registering their Golden Demon entries today, ready for the judging tomorrow.

[11:40am GMT]

For all you would be master painters out there, the world-renowned ‘Eavy Metal team is hiring. Anja, who is also serving as one of the Golden Demon judges tomorrow, has sneakily illustrated one of the ‘We Need You’ flyers and hidden it amongst the rest.

[11:50am GMT]

Seminar 2 ‘The Road to Terra’ is just about to get started. James, Swallow, Guy Haley & John French are getting ready to talk about where the Heresy is leading…

Warhammer TV is filming the whole seminar, so we’ll try to get the video up for you guys as soon as we can (though we’ll have to take it all back to the office and process it first).

[12:12pm GMT]

Check this guy out! The rules are in Inferno

Legio Custodes Gyrfalcon Pattern Jetbike

[12:34pm GMT]

The Specialist Games team ran a special preview participation game of the forthcoming Adeptus Titanicus here at the hotel last night. They used Warhammer 40,000 Titans to stand in for the 8mm scale versions the game itself will use.

Two teams of 5 princeps learned the rules as they went along; the traitors drew first blood (and last), winning over all against the loyalists. It proved so popular, they are going to run another game tonight (so if you’re here, get involved – ask one of the friendly folk in a red shirt for details).

We don’t know about you guys, but everyone here is even more excited for this game to arrive than we were before!

[1:08pm GMT]

These weekender events are great places to meet fellow hobbyists. For instance, we met Mike today, who has come all the way over from Games Workshop – Winnipeg, in Canada, to work at the event. We got to talking about our hobby, and he told us a tale of frozen lands far away.

Mike used to be in the Canadian military before working for Games Workshop. On one mission, they were checking out their northernmost outpost and Mike decided to leave a little hobby memento as close to the actual North Pole as possible.

He’s shared some photographic evidence with us, and now we’re sharing it with you. You never know what cool adventures you’ll hear about at gatherings like The Horus Heresy Weekender.

[2:35pm GMT]

We’ve had some lunch, and found some nice folks playing a game with some of the new Thousand Sons rules from Inferno, learning as they go, since they just picked up the book this morning.

[5:05pm GMT]

Ok, sorry for the delay, but this is a big one – the New Models seminar has just finished so have a look at what they showed off:


Well, it was worth the wait.

[5:23pm GMT]

And here are some of the other photos we picked up today of everyone visiting with the studio teams, taking in the seminars and just generally being enthusiastic about The Horus Heresy.

That’ll be us done for the day, but we’ll be back tomorrow to bring you more updates and photos. Thanks for following!

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