Posted 02/02/2017

Colours of Command from the Iron Hills of Middle-earth

A few weeks ago, Forge World released the stunning new Iron Hills Dwarf Command complete with an Iron Hills Captain and a Standard Bearer. Unsurprisingly, these have been a rather popular addition to Iron Hills armies around here, including some of those that we have shown previously on the Warhammer Community page. To help inspire you to paint your own commanders, we have managed to round up a selection of models painted by various people for you to take a look at.

Adam Troke has made his commanders stand out from his normal rank and file warriors by brightening the gold trim on the models, giving a look of importance to his Captain. The white beard present on Adam’s Captain suggests that he has seen decades of war and is a grizzled veteran of Dain Ironfoot’s army. The standard has been painted a brighter red than the rest of Adam’s army, which really makes it stand out upon the battlefield as a lofty beacon that those around can look to.

Jay Clare on the other hand has painted his commanders in exactly the same colour scheme as his regular warriors, with the exception of the flowing bright red cloak with a brown fur trim worn by his Captain. Jay has used the same dark red tones on his standard as on the shields of his warriors, but has added a distinctive golden trim to highlight its importance to the armies of the Iron Hills.

Once again, Jason Lee has wowed the office with his impressive painting skills. As with his Iron Hills Dwarves, Jason has steered away from the usual combination of reds and browns we typically see, and instead opted to continue with his striking green colour scheme. The slightly weathered look of Jason’s models gives the impression that they are in the midst of a gruelling campaign, and the white and green crest atop the Captain’s helm finishes the model off beautifully.

Keith Robertson has painted his Iron Hills Dwarf Command in a similar scheme to his Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors, except that his Captain has a distinctive cream-coloured beard that makes him easily distinguishable in Keith’s army. The banner has been painted in a redder tone than the brownish-red used elsewhere in Keith’s army, and the white detailing provides a great contrast which accentuates the amazing detail of the model.

On the battlefield, Iron Hills Captains are formidable foes. Stalwart and sturdy, these warriors stand firm in the face of any threat. They have garnered an exceptional tactical insight into the battle plans of their enemies and use this knowledge to counter the manoeuvres of their foes. The addition of the Iron Hills Dwarf Command now means that you can finally field an army of pure Iron Hills Dwarves armed to the teeth and ready to fight for the defence of Erebor!

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