Posted 21/01/2017

Blood Bowl Team Conversions Showcase – Norse

Continuing our week of showcasing great converted Blood Bowl teams, here’s a team from the frigid north: the Norse team of Matthew Garside.

Matthew has used a mix of parts from Space Wolves and Chaos models to create his team, and with some great results. Take a look:

Matthew: Hailing from the coldest most inhospitable regions in the Blood Bowl world come the Norse. On mighty longships, they sail from port to port, and stadium to stadium, often bringing the Norsacan blizzards with them as well as a horde of hairy drunken axe-wielding fans.

With utter disregard for their own safety, they turn up to games half naked and surrounded by insane berserkers and hungry monsters.

This is why I chose Norse: for me, they capture the Blood Bowl spirit like no others.

Creating my Norse team

All the main positions, Berserkers, Lineman, Catchers and Throwers are converted from the Age of Sigmar Bloodreavers box, a box packed full of 20 running and fighting stances – perfect for the Blood Bowl pitch – combined with Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolf Wulfen box, which provided all the hands, shoulder pads and Nordic trinkets.

Both boxsets give you a huge selection of combinations to play around with making sure each player is unique.

Making each player type more identifiable was all down to the helmets and hands. Berserkers have horned helmets due to being aggressive maniacs and spiky gloves better suited for puncturing lungs and faces. Lineman have no horns, Catchers and Throwers have no helmets at all, and the Catchers have top knots giving them a sense of momentum.

All these players have open hands from the Wulfen kit which are slightly hairy with long finger nails (perfect for gouging out eyeballs).

Attaching the hands is quite simple, as all of the Bloodreavers wear wrist guards – this creates a neat join without any needing any Green Stuff.

The occasional Bloodreaver comes with a knife attached to the leg, which is quite simple to just carefully carve away with a hobby knife; any untidiness is then hidden with the Nordic trinkets from the Wulfen box.

With the Wulfen box you get some shoulder pads which fit effortlessly over the bare shoulders of the Bloodreavers creating that perfect Blood Bowl finish.

All the same techniques were used to create the Ulfwernar, but instead of Bloodreavers I used Bloodbound character models such as the Slaughterpriest and Exalted Deathbringer.

All that these required was a simple head swap with a Wulfen and I was done.

Recruiting the Yhetee

For me, there is only one choice of model for my Yhetee, the awesome Dark Eldar Clawed Fiend has everything you could wish for: fur, massive claws, many beady eyes to search for rival team members and that aggressive running pose just screams Blood Bowl to me. All it needed was a couple of shoulder pads (mine were taken from some Orcs).

I thoroughly enjoyed converting this team and it looks even lovelier painted up with added Valhallan Blizzard to the bases.

Now off to smash some more face and score some of them touchdown things.

If you’ve created a Blood Bowl team of your own, and feel you’re ready for the big league, you’re in luck: the biggest Blood Bowl league ever is coming! Blitzmania kicks off this February – so go register your team now, and get in those preseason games.

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