Posted 16/01/2017


Today’s new Black Library Digital Monday short story is a saga of trickery and fate.

Veteran Space Wolves Sage Chris Wraight chronicles a Rune Priest’s hunt for a Thousand Sons sorcerer. The hunt has been long, but at long last the prey is cornered, or so it seems…

Anyone familiar with Chris’ Space Wolves books will, we’re sure, be keen to read this new tale, but if you’d like a little something to whet your appetite, you can read a free extract from the book here:

If you’d like to sink your fangs into an even more substantial Space Wolves read, then you won’t do much better than Leman Russ: the Great Wolf. This novel, also penned by Chris Wraight, was released in some new formats this weekend, including eBook and audiobook, while the hardback will be in stores this weekend.

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