Posted 15/01/2017

Warhammer Live Roundup: January 11-13, 2017

It’s been another great week of Warhammer Live.

We’ve seen Death in the Mortal Realms and the might of the Adeptus Mechanicus at war in the Dark Millennium, Thousands of you tuned in to watch the action live, (and if you’re a subscriber, you can watch it back again anytime you like). For those of you who missed it, here’s what we saw:


In our narrative game, we saw the 3rd part of our ongoing campaign. The Defenders of Hallowguild, fresh from their victory at the outskirts of their city, vengefully pursued the forces of Death to the site of an arcane ritual. The undead hoped to resurrect their fallen lord, but the forces of Order were determined to stop them. See the lists HERE.

Then in the Matched Play game, we saw another Death army face off against a pure Skaven force in a bloody and no-holds-barred battle of fang and bone. The lists used can be seen HERE.

In our Thursday segments, we heard from one of the rules team behind the new Chaos Battletome: Disciples of Tzeentch and Fall of Cadia – Simon Grant. We also had an interview with Nick Horth, author of the new Black Library book City of Secrets, where we got his thoughts on the new Free Cities of the Mortal Realms and how he went about portraying them in his book. Finally, Duncan – from Warhammer TV – chatted with Aiden of the ‘Eavy Metal team on all things painting.

Friday’s Warhammer 40,000 games were the first outing for Belisarus Cawl, as the Adeptus Mechanicus took on a Harlequins army in Game 1 and Tzeentch Daemon force in Game 2. We’ll be seeing the other members of the Imperial Triumvirate on Warhammer Live very soon.

What a week!

And there’s more to come next week, when we’ve been promised Daemons in the Mortal Realms and crusades among the stars in the far future (or not so far… you only have to wait until Friday).

You can watch it all live on every Wedneday, Thurday and Friday, or subsribe to watch our ever-growing archive anytime you like. And don’t forget: if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can connect to Twitch Prime to get your subscription at no additional cost.

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