Posted 11/01/2017

Game 1 – Jan 11, 2017 – Narrative Game Lists


Order Army – Chris Peach  – ‘Defenders of Hallowguild’


1x Freeguild General, Duncan the Glorious’  (100)

1x Nomad Prince, ‘Vlenfiddic the Staglord’ (80)

1x Gryph Hounds, Archibold Thrice-Born’ (40)

1x Death Wizard, Dredweena the Bone-Tickler’ (100)

1x Gunmaster,Rutgar Sturm’ (80)

20x Hallowguild Greatswords, The Tempest Blades’ (320)

20x Hallowguild Halberdiers,Guardians of the Bleak Fells’ (160)

30x Hallowguild Militia,Chosen of the Despoiled Dragon’ (240)

1x Helblaster Volleygun,Hope Crusher’ (120)

1x Steam Tank, Rolling Thunder’ (300)

1x Gyrocopter, Little Nellie’ (80)

20x Ironbreakers, Watchers of the Meteoric Expanse’ (320)

15x Wildwood Rangers ‘Rangers of the Thornwend Sanctum’ (300)


Death Army – Rob Crouchley – ‘Red Tide’


1x Abhorrant Ghoul King, Istvan the Golden, King of Bleak Henge’  (100)

1x Crypt Ghast Courtier,Ser Janós’  (80)

1x Varghulf Courtier Ser Andros, Master of Arms’  (160)

1x Necromancer Zoltan the Withered’  (120)

1x Vampire Lord on Nightmare SteedErzsébet the Fair’  (140)

30x Crypt Ghouls The Immortals’  (300)

6x Crypt Horrors Istvan’s Inner Circle’  (280)

20x Skeleton Warriors The Hollow Host’ (160)

3x Varghieists The Lost’  (160)

1x Spectral Gryph-hound Spirit of Archibald’ (40) (exactly same as normal Gryph-hound but has DEATH keyword…)

1x Terrorgheist ‘Kisci’  320

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