Posted 10/01/2017

Warhammer Live Schedule: January 11-13th


We’re gearing up for another three great days of Warhammer Live. Here’s what’s on the way this week:



In the Mortal Realms, we return to our narrative campaign to see the Free peoples, drive home their recent victory over the forces of Death, and roll out some new and deadly warmachines to face the shambling hordes. While in our Matched Play game, another Death army, but this time facing down a vast Skaven Clan, backed up by arcane warpstone powered inventions.

3:00-3:30pm: Introductions
3:30-6:00pm: Narrative Campaign, Game 3 – Chris Peach’s [Order] army of the Free People’s alliance of Hallowguild vs Rob Crouchley’s [Death] horde.
6:00-6:30pm: Short break as we reset the boards
6:30-9:00pm: Matched Play – Adrian McWalter’s [Death] mostly Soulblight army vs Zaki Kaitila’s [Chaos] Skaven force.
9:00-9:30pm: Wrap up and post-game commentary



Thursday sees a great lineup of guests. Nick Horth shares his thoughts on writing his new book ‘City of Secrets’ set in the Mortal Realms, one of the first to explore the newly founded Free Cities in the wake of the Season of War. Simon Grant, studio writer, shares some thoughts on the new Fall of Cadia book, and we catch up with one of the members of the famed ‘Eavy Metal team.

2:00-2:30pm: Mailbag
2:30-3:00pm: Secrets of the Black Library with Nick Horth
3:00-3:30pm: Duncan Talks – Warhammer TV’s Duncan discusses various painting-related topics.
3:30-4:00pm: Community Corner
4:00-4:30pm: Inside the Studio – With Simon Grant on Fall of Cadia
4:30-5:00pm: Inside the Studio – Aidan Daly from the ‘Eavy Metal team
5:00pm: Roundup and Sign off



Friday’s Warhammer 40,000 gaming showcases the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus under the guidance of Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl, first in a narrative mission from the new Gathering Storm book, then in a more standard scenario in our matched play game, taking on a daemonic host of Tzeentch.

3:00-3:30pm: Introductions with Rob and John
3:30-6:00pm: Narrative mission from the Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia
6:00-6:30pm: Short break as we reset the boards
6:30-9:00pm: Martin Morrin’s daemonic host vs Jamie’s (from Winters SEO) Adeptus Mechanicus conclave
9:00-9:30pm: Wrap up and post game commentary

What a week!

All times above are in GMT, and anyone can watch live for free.

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