Posted 09/01/2017

Global Blood Bowl League and Dwarfs

Lots of news for fans of Blood Bowl today.

Let’s start off with the league news:


The kick off date for the international Blitzmania Blood Bowl League has just been announced.

The 4th of February is the date you’re working towards, so you have just under a month to get those teams painted* and brush up on those tactical plays.

The Blitzmania league is a fully world-wide event, set to be hosted in over 1,000 independant locations across the world, so you should never be too far from a home stadium.

You don’t have to play in store though – you are more than welcome to play at home or in a club, and report your results afterwards.

A dedicated league website is on the way very soon where you’ll be able to register your team and see where you sit on the global league table (once the games kick off). So, you better get thinking of an awesome team name if you haven’t got one already. (If you’re stuck, we find this foolproof-team naming mechanism works every time: The <Insert City> <Insert name of ferocious beast>**

One team that will be more than ready for the new league is the Dwarf Giants***.


This squad of doughty players will be available to recruit next month.

The miniatures themselves are every inch the iconic dwarven players you’d hope for – a mix of gromril-clad clansmen and fire-haired maniacs.

The core team will be plastic, and available in all the usual locations, with Star Players provided by Forge World available soon after.

Finally, the High Blood Bowl Referee Council, after discussion with the priests of Nuffle, have unfurled a new FAQ document. The intent is to make sure rules disputes are easily dealt with, so teams can get back to the important stuff like horrendous fouls and bone-crunching blocks.

Download the updated FAQ and Errata over on the Blood Bowl website.

*Because the dice gods of fate favour the painted teams with holy 6’s
**Nottingham Narwhals… close enough


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