Posted 06/01/2017

Forge World: A day of iron (and resin…)

Forge World have been busy over the festive season it appears, and today they bring you a selection of new releases.

For those of you out there with Knight Households, you have a range of new ways to customise your Lords of War. New Knight heads mean you can now have dozens of Knights in your force and not have a single one with the same face! Added to this, new Taghmata transfers can be used to further decorate and customise your forces (and also work well on other Mechanicum vehicles and robots).


Meanwhile in Middle-earth, the forces of the Iron Hills are bolstered by a new hero and banner bearer. You know, just in case a solid shield wall of Dwarven iron wasn’t already dependable and formidable enough!

All these new kits can be ordered from Forge World now.

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