Posted 05/01/2017

The Trophies

The year has just started, and here at Games Workshop HQ, we are already hard at work getting ready for all the great events coming up this year. Las Vegas Open and AdeptiCon, for instance, are a few of the biggest independent events that the Warhammer Community team will be attending this year. We’ll be playing games and streaming Warhammer Live, and we’re also supporting the events with some cool trophies created by the Warhammer World studio.

Today, we wandered down to the workshop to see the first of this year’s trophies (these one’s are destined for Las Vegas) as they came out of the casting process…

We can’t wait to see when someone gets to take them home (after we finish them, of course). We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

[Edit: there was a mistake in the original article stating that the above trophies were going to AdeptiCon. That is false, as these are headed to Las Vegas, and we’ll show you the cool AdeptiCon trophies as soon as they get out of their moulds.]

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