Posted 04/01/2017

Martin Goes to the GT – Part 3: Practice Games

When we last saw Martin, he was finalising his army list for his Stormcast Eternals. Over the holidays, he got a chance to play a practice game, so we caught up with him to see how it went:

Martin: This week, I got to play a practice event with some friends at Warhammer World. The awesome Luke McHugh arranged for 20 of us to have a Christmas get-together and a mini tournament. As my models were still being painted, Ben Johnson was kind enough to loan me his army so I could get some games in. I used the list described in the last post but took Prosecutors with hammers instead of javelins as that’s which models Ben had.martin-gt-1

Game one was Places of Power against Simon’s Moonclan Grot army. As I only have two characters, this is the scenario I feel my army is least effective at, so it was great to get the practice game in. My plan was to Lightning Strike in some shooting units to take out the poorly armoured Moonclan Heroes and stop Simon scoring. With that done, I would then take out threats to my Heroes so I could Lightning Strike them in to score some points and win the scenario.

As it turned out, this is exactly what happened. I managed to limit Simon to a single point before killing off all his Heroes. I did take a risk when I dropped a Knight-Azyros earlier than I would have liked to take advantage of the 3″ charge with my Protectors on a Gigantic Cave Squig – which would otherwise have destroyed my back line of Judicators. They managed to kill the beast and held up two large units of Grots for most of the game.

My unit of the match were the Judicators, who were able to take out the Grot Heroes at range and swung the game in my favour. As I have said before, I think these are one of the best units in the game, and it was great to finally see them in action.



Game two was against Warhammer legend, Adrian McWalter, using his very successful Grand Alliance Death list. He had actually toned it down for this event, trading in the dreaded Mourngul he usually brings for some Morghast Archai and Vargheists. The core of his army is a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon supported by two Mortis Engines and some Blood Knights. He also uses Isabella Von Carstein and a Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror, both of whom add some nice tricks to an already solid army.

The scenario was Border War and my plan was to isolate some of his units to take them out quickly, and then weather the counter-attack while building up some points turn by turn. My goal was to score 5 points per turn by holding my home base and the left and right objectives. I would gamble an end run on Adrian’s home base if it there was a chance I could hold it for a turn. This proved as difficult as I expected. While I managed to kill off the Archai and most of the Blood Knights, the counter-attack was horrendous, and I lost a unit of Retributors in return. The lone remaining Blood Knight regenerated over the course of the game and kept pressure on my left objective, and even ended up as a unit of three by the last turn.

I managed a push on Adrian’s objective in turn 5 and managed to get the 4 points, putting me on a hefty total. This meant he needed to get all of the objectives in the final turn to win. Fortunately for me, his Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon became befuddled on mystical terrain and he couldn’t quite finish off my army. I won the scenario, even though I had lost 1740 points of my army while he had only lost 750. This was an excellent tactical game and could really have gone either way.

My unit of the match was the unit of Liberators who held my left objective for the whole game against a regenerating unit of Blood Knights. With a 3+ save while in cover, and re-rolling 1s to save, the Blood Knights could never quite kill enough to capture the objective.


Game three was against Ian, who also had the Warrior Brotherhood. This was an army I really wanted to practice against, so this was a great draw. It was an almost mirror match, with the main difference being Ian’s extra Hero who was outside the formation at the expense of some extra Prosecutors. The scenario was Gift from the Heavens.

I have to give credit to Ben Johnson here, as he encouraged me to stick with the single deployment army – what you lose in Heroes you make up for in the option to push the first turn on your opponent. This really paid dividends here as I was able to let Ian go first. My plan was to see where his objective landed and how he defended it and then I could deal with mine. Ideally, I would force him to commit first and then counter-attack with overwhelming force to capture both objectives for a couple of turns and build up a lead. After that, with points in the bag, I’d just have to see what happened.

As it turned out, when I won the roll, I let him go first again to have him commit some of his force. His objective landed to my right and he held it with three units. Then on my second turn, I was very lucky and my objective also landed on my right. I went all out to kill his defending Liberators and Judicators while creating a defensive wall with my own troops. In the end, I was able to keep Ian away from the objectives until turn five and win the scenario by sacrificing whichever models needed to get in the way to protect the objectives.

My unit of the match in this game were the Protectors who used the lightning strike ability to get an early charge on Ian’s objective and were able to hold it with support for pretty much the rest of the game. The small footprint and four Starsoul maces mean these guys pack quite a punch. I think they are also my favourite looking unit in my army, I love their epic Stormstrike Glaives.



In the end, with three wins, I won our little mini event which was a lovely late Christmas present. I was very happy to get some practice games in with this new army, which was as fun to play as it was tough to face (I haven’t forgotten it Russ!!!).

I hope you enjoyed this little post; I am going to get back to painting now, as I have only a few weeks left to get my own Warrior Brotherhood painted before the Grand Tournament!!!


Join me next week for the next part in my series, where I evaluate the Traits and Artefacts available to the forces of Grand Alliance: Order and finalise my choices for the Grand Tournament.

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