Posted 31/12/2016

Objective Secured in Style! Pre-order Now


We have the first new Warhammer 40,000 pre-orders of the new year for you today.

First up, a new range of Armoured Assault boxes. Each one contains a Troops choice and a Transport making them a handy addition to any force needing a bit more objective-grabbing power in games.

Alternatively, a couple of these and a character will give you a great start to a new army, if you’re embarking on a new project for the new year.

They all represent a savings on picking up the troops and vehicle separately too – you can’t go wrong with these.

Also available to order today are a new selection of army-themed paint sets. These are designed to accompany the Citadel Essentials hobby starter set, combining to give you all the colours you need to paint your force to a tabletop standard, ready for battle.

Pre-order yours HERE.

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