Posted 18/12/2016

Week One – A Retrospective

Warhammer Live launched on December 14th, on Twitch, for three days of live-streamed content brought to you by the Warhammer TV team.

Here’s the team setting up Wednesday afternoon:

On Wednesday, we saw two games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar; on Thursday, we had three ‘Inside the Studio’ interviews and answered questions you’d submitted; and on Friday, there were two more games, this time in the 41st Millennium.

All of this week’s content was free to view live, and in honour of our inaugural week, will remain available to view for free on Twitch’s archive. Have a look at all the content from week one, below.

In Wednesday’s first Warhammer Age of Sigmar battle, a narrative game, we saw the plucky forces of Hallowguild march into battle against the legions of the dead. We saw a heroic effort from the newly re-founded Mortal Realms city, matched against the durability and monstrous might that can be summoned from the Realm of Death.


If you like the look of either of these forces, we’ve bundled them up so you can add them to your own collections. Watch the Defenders of Hallowguild vs Death’s Legions here:

In Wednesday’s matched play game, we saw two powerful armies clash: an Order force of Stormcast Eternals, and a Chaos force, composed solely of Clan Skryre Skaven


Both armies had plenty of deployment shenanigans to pull, and massive potential for damage output, but in the end, only one could be triumphant. These forces are also bundled up to make them easy to collect, and you can watch Stormcast Eternals vs Clan Skryre back here:

Here’s the post-battle interview:

There were no games on Thursday, but plenty of interviews with members of several of our studios:

Thursday – Inside the Studio Part 1:

  • Mailbag starts @ 00:07:20 where we answer your questions from Facebook and the Twitch chat feed
  • Secrets of the Black Library with Nick Kyme starts at @ 00:36:15
  • A chat with Duncan about army painting starts @ 01:10:30
  • Community Corner, where Rob and John tell us what’s happening in the Warhammer Community around the world, starts @ 01:38:00

Thursday – Inside the Studio Part 2:

  • The interview with Phil Kelly about the recently released Wrath of Magnus starts @ 00:00:01
  • We chat with James Hewitt, one of the game designers of the new season of Blood Bowl @ 00:27:50

In our first Warhammer 40,000 game on Friday, the noble Ultramarines of the 4th Company took on a Genestealer Cult Insurrection Detachment in the depths of a fallen hive city.


The massed bolters of the disciplined Space Marines met the alien fanaticism of the cult. Both of these armies are built around the core, thematic detachment from their codex – the Demi-company and the Insurrection – and are great examples of a typical force of their type. Watch the action here:

In our final game of the week, Magnus the Red took to the field against Logan Grimnir’s Great Company.


This was a true clash of the titans game, with many unexpected and dramatic moments. Watch the Fury of the Storm Altar of War mission from Wrath of Magnus play out the exciting clash between the Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves here:

We really loved bring you all this content and want to thank everyone who tuned in, asked questions and requested mug emotes.

We’ll be back with more on January 4th, with free-to-view live-streams on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In addition to supporting Warhammer Live’s continued production, ad-free viewing, and access to the live chat, those who subscribe to our Twitch channel will also be able to watch it all back from the archive, on demand, in case you can’t catch it live, or want to replay the highlights.

We noticed many of you taking advantage of Twitch Prime, which is a great way to get involved. If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can connect your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account to get one Twitch subscription for free; if you haven’t used it already, we can highly recommend

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