Posted 16/12/2016

Your Knight before Christmas

The Acastus Knight Porphyrion is available to order and is shipping right now.


This guy is a weapons platform to rival a titan, sporting the deadliest Knight-portable arsenal we’ve ever seen. The kit itself is HUGE, the resin he is composed of weighing at more than three times* more than the other knights in the Forge World household.

Because we know a lot of folks out there would love to get this guy for Christmas, our casters have been working round the clock to make enough of these that we can start shipping without a pre-order window, so if you order the big-guy now, we’ll do out absolute best to get it out to you by the 24th.

Full details on local shipping dates for every territory can be found HERE.

*Edit: We got this wrong in the original post; turns out he’s even weightier than we thought! 


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