Posted 15/12/2016

Houses of Lake-town

The Lake-town House scenery kit is out now, and here in the Forge World office we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on this stunning new plastic kit. It looks like the rest of you were similarly excited, as we’ve sold through the first batch already, but just click on ’email me’ on the product page to be notified as soon as they’re back.


Whilst Keith Robertson has undertaken the task of combining multiple kits to make one awesome scenery piece (more on that next week), Jay Clare has already built and painted his first Lake-town House to go alongside his rather large collection of Lake-town models.

So how exactly did Jay go about painting his Lake-town House? We caught up with him to find out…

Jay: As the Lake-town House has a lot of wood modelled on it (which makes sense as Lake-town is predominantly wood), I started off my painting adventure by spraying the model with Mournfang Brown – a good basecoat for the walkways and wooden beams that cover the piece. I then gave the entire kit a fairly liberal wash of Agrax Earthshade in order to darken the colour and give some depth to the model. Then, I set about drybrushing the wooden areas with Gorthor Brown to pick out the raised areas.


Jay: I wanted my house to have been originally painted green, but to also look weathered and as though the colour had faded over time – the inhabitants of Esgaroth are poor after all. All of the green areas were first painted Caliban Green before being washed with Biel-Tan Green.

I then drybrushed the entire model with Baneblade Brown, then very lightly with Rakarth Flesh – both the wood and the green areas. This made it look as though the green paint had started to peel away from the house, revealing the grain of the wood beneath. This technique is really easy to do and can be applied to any colour of house to give the same affect.

These drybrushes of Baneblade Brown and Rakarth Flesh also helped to further accentuate the details of the walkways. The roof tiles were painted Mechanicus Standard Grey before being washed with Agrax Earthshade and then a drybrush again of Mechanicus Standard Grey – turns out I use quite a lot of Washes and Drybrushing!

I then finished off the house by picking out all of the details: windows, barrels, nests, fenders, the outhouse and, of course, the odd fish here and there.


The Lake-town House has loads of bits to kit-bash even bigger houses from. Make sure you check back next week to gaze at the wonders that Middle-earth™ Model Designer and painter extraordinaire Keith Robertson manages to come up with!

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