Posted 01/12/2016

Armies of the Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons are a powerful, but elite, force on the battlefield, and creating an army of them and using it effectively in games can be a challenge. When you get it right, however, the scions of lost Prospero can take control of a game through lethal, focused firepower and utter domination of the Psychic phase.

The lore and history of the Thousand Sons provides many examples of great inspiration for how you could collect an army of these rubric-damned traitors. Here, we’ve picked out a few easy ways you could go about it that both fit the rich narrative of the Legion and also get you a force that is none-too-shabby in the game.

Raiders of Lost Knowledge

Rubric Marines

Rubric Marines


An unaffiliated Chaos Space Marines armies can still use all the new Thousand Sons units, but by creating a purely Thousand Sons force, you get a selection of enviable bonuses, and this applies to any Formation or Detachment. This means that the ever-popular Combined Arms build is an option. So long as you meet the requirements of a Thousand Sons Detachment, your Rubric Marines backed up by Tzaangors troop options can take full advantage of the Objective Secured rule to claim objectives, while also getting the Blessing of Tzeentch, Blood Feud, and Legacy of the Rubricae rules (find out what these do in Wrath of Magnus) for being a Thousand Sons Detachment. 

Ahriman makes a perfect warlord for these infantry-heavy armies, allowing units to Infiltrate as a way of compensating for their lack of natural speed. 20 Rubric Marines in their deployment zone on turn one is not something any enemy wants to have to deal with.

Lords of the Silver Towers (+ Minions)

Tzaangor Warheard

Tzaangor Warherd


Each Exalted Sorcerer is the lord of a Silver Tower, and this makes for a great theme to build an army around.

While the Thousand Sons are usually an elite force, they are also versatile enough that, if you like, you can still get quite a few models on the battlefield, thanks to 7pt Tzaangors (8 with an autopistol). This is really handy if you want to spend a lot of your points on powerful psykers, but still want the man-power (gor-power?) to go and hold objectives. In this case, we’d suggest that building an army around some of the smaller Formations in the new book – such as the War Coven and Tzaangor Warherd – is the way to go, as both Exalted Sorcerers and Tzaangors are at their best in these.

The Legion at War

Sekhmet Conclave

Sekhmet Conclave


The Sons of Magnus Detachment is the best way to play a Thousand Sons army in any kind of larger game. Formed of several (all pretty useful) Formations, it further bolsters the psychic power of the warriors within.

It doesn’t take the all-seeing Eye of Tzeentch to know that, in really big games, you want Magnus in your corner. He is utterly dominating in the psychic phase, and a match for most anything in combat, provided you have the right powers in play. There are a few options for how to get him into this Detachment, but we like the Sekhmet Conclave best – formed of Magnus (or one of his chief lieutenants) and Scarab Occult Terminators – because it raises him to a potential Toughness 8. This takes the Daemon Primarch beyond the damage of bolters and most Space Marines guns, and means that popular Strength 6 weapons (we’re looking at you, Eldar) will only wound on 6’s, halving their effectiveness against him.

Well, that’s all the forbidden lore we have for you today – we hope it’s of some help.

It’s worth noting, however, that like all our armies, there are nigh-limitless ways you can build your force, and these are just some ideas.

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