Posted 23/11/2016

What we learned at Black Library Live!

Last weekend, thousands of eager readers descended on Warhammer World for Black Library Live! a celebration of Warhammer Fiction.

As well as a chance to meet favourite authors and pick up new books, attendees at Black Library Live are often the first to hear about new titles in the works.

This year was no exception, with loads of new titles and covers revealed. Here are a few of the highlights:

‘Resurrection’ is the first book in a new series from ‘Ahriman’ author John French about the Horusian Wars. This series will explore the rivalries, tensions and outright battle within the shadowy organisation of the Inquisition. Veterans of a certain age will likely recognise the characters on the cover from the Inquisitor game, particularly, the iconic figure of Inquisitor Covenant.


Chris Wraight is best known for his depictions of the savage Space Wolves, but in these novels, he turns his attentions to the defenders of Holly Terra itself, and the agents that guard the very heart of the Imperium.

The-Emperor's-Legion-Royal-HB-Cover.indd   Vaults-of-Terra-The-Carrion-Throne-Royal-HB-Cover.indd

Loads of new Space Marines stuff on the way, of course (love those guys). Iron battles Iron, in the upcoming ‘Eye of Medusa’ – an Iron Hands novel that sees augmented sons of the Gorgon pitted against the equally ruthless and inhuman Adeptus Mechanicus. Meanwhile, well known heroes of the Dark Angels and Ultramarines are also in action, in two novelisations of iconic moments in the Warhammer 40,000 timeline.

Eye-of-Medusa-A5HB-Cover.indd   SMB-Eye-of-Ezekiel-B-format-PB-Cover.indd   Calgars-Fury-A5HB-Cover1.indd

Horus Heresy Audio fans have a plenty to look forward to as well, and judging by the kaleidoscopic scenes on the cover, it’s a fair bet that the mutating powers of the Warp play a pretty major role in both. ‘Echoes of Revelation’, featuring the proto-Noise Marines of the Slanneshi kakophoni, we’re expecting to be particularly loud…

The-Heart-of-the-Pharos/Children-of-Sicarus-Case.indd   Echoes-of-Revelation-Case.indd

Back in the 41st Millennium, we have ‘Dante’, in which Guy Haley tells a tale of the legendary leader of the Blood Angles, perhaps the most renowned and respected Space Marine to serve the Emperor since the era of the Horus Heresy. Like all of his angelic brothers, though, behind the impassive golden mask of heroism, Dante wrestles with the darker aspects of his nature.


The Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels is also a legendary figure, even to his own brothers – the only warrior ever to conquer (supposedly) the curse of the Blood Angels gene seed. He, too, stars in a new book, on the way in 2017.


The Scythes of the Emperor are a Chapter also cursed with their fair share of bad luck – almost wiped from existence by the swarms of a Tyranid Hive Fleet. We’re expecting a tale of heroism and sacrifice in the finest traditions of the Adeptus Astartes.



Its not all humans though, there is plenty of xenos fiction coming too. Following on from his earlier Farsight fiction, Phil Kelly has yet more adventures on the way starring the red-clad renegade of the Tau Empire. Meanwhile, Eldar fans will be delighted to hear that Gav Thorpe once more turns his attentions to the Children of Isha with Jain Zar, a new Phoenix Lords story. And, from the master of dark fantasy C L Werner, a new novel featuring the insidious Genestealer Cults.

Farsight-Crisis-of-Faith-A5HB-Cover.indd   Jain-Zar-STD-A5HB-Cover.indd   Cult-of-the-Warmason-A5HB-COVER.indd

Back 10,000 years, to a time legends walked amongst mankind. Three new titles featuring the Primarchs were confirmed for the first time, starring three traitorous sons, though in two of those instances, before they turned from the Emperor’s Light.

Perturabo_B-format_HB_Cover.indd    Lorgar_B-format_HB_Cover.indd   The-Crimson-King-A5HB-Dustjacket.indd

Finally, even with their sires ascended or dead, the Traitor Primarchs sons still haunt the Imperium millennia later. These two new books, follow to of  the most infamous.

Black-Legion-Royal-HB-Cover.indd   Lucius-The-Faultless-Blade-A5HB-Cover.indd

We know what you’re thinking, What about the Mortal Realms?

Well don’t worry, there will be more on the way on that front too. Following the finale of the Realmgate Wars and Season of War, the Mortal Realms are a much changed place. When we start to explore quite how, Black Library will be following every step of the way.

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